We’ve been making some good progress at Fishbourne with the conservation project which has just had some great recognition in the form of an article by Richard Williamson in the Chichester Observer.

Over the past few months the work parties have managed to repair a significant amount of fencing and weed removal as well as the reed cutting which is so important. Recently 30 to 40 European Eels have been found of various sizes moving up stream towards the spring; this is really satisfying as their status is now “Critically endangered” having suffered a 90% decline over the last 20 years.

Dave Gattrell was working on the site and, by chance, met Richard Williamson who was pleased to be shown around. Clearly Richard was impressed and wrote the very positive article below which is invaluable publicity that benefits us all.

Naturally this work is only possible with the assistance of the members who turn out to the work parties, they’re good fun and an opportunity to keep in touch with other wildfowlers. The list of dates is published regularly and is always posted on this blog; you can be part of this success by joining in!

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