Wetlands conservation and management is an activity that most wildfowling clubs are involved with, and the Chichester Wildfowling Association, in particular,  is justifiably proud of it’s accomplishments. Work by clubs all around the country benefits both wildfowler and public alike as the coastal (and often inland) wetlands are maintained and enhanced. The CWA  has consistently taken a leading role in conservation, operating numerous important projects in and around Chichester Harbour over the 50+ years of its existence.

Considerable work is done in conjunction with the Chichester Harbour Conservancy, local landowners and Friends groups in the area to ensure that the harbour is maintained as an area of outstanding natural beauty and a nationally important site for both flora and fauna. A current example of this is at Fishourne where the pond and reedbeds have been cleared and maintained to improve this critically important habitat.

Over the years, CWA has won numerous conservation awards for its work in the harbour: the Laurent Perrier Award was achieved twice, as was the West Sussex Award for Conservation. CWA is also a Daily Telegraph Conservation Award winner, and has been recognised twice by BASC with the Stanley Duncan Award.