Joining The CWA

We’re currently open for new members

The membership of CWA is drawn from a wide range of ages and occupations so if you’re interested in joining  don’t be inhibited.  Those interested must first complete an application form which will be sent to you if you contact us using the “contact us” page; you should include your full contact details and a brief summary of your shooting experience.

Prospective members are screened by the Committee prior to becoming provisional members for their first season. During this probationary year they must be accompanied onto the marsh by an experienced member as part of a structured introduction into wildfowling, here in Chichester Harbour. A sound knowledge of all the Association’s shooting areas as well as quarry species is essential so these must be learnt thoroughly and demonstrated before full membership is granted.

Benefits of membership

Provisional Members have the opportunity to visit different areas of the harbour with a mentor who is able to help with, what is for most, a steep learning curve.  Provisional Members are encouraged to participate in the wide-ranging activities of the Association in order to meet other members and become a more integral part of the organisation.

Full Members have the ability to shoot over any of the areas without restriction other than the booking conditions that are in place either to preserve the quality of shooting or as a condition of our lease. The Annual General Meeting is held just after the end of the season providing the opportunity to hear reports from the different officers and for full members to elect officers and a new committee for the following year; this is traditionally followed by a few celebratory drinks at the Bulls Head.

The Probationary Year

In order to give new members a good introduction to wild fowling in Chichester Harbour, all probationary members participate in a structured program of events held throughout their first season. A  mentor is appointed for the year who will accompany them during their shooting visits to the harbour;  this is a golden opportunity to learn some of the intimate knowledge members have taken decades to accumulate. The mentor will help the new member build up the basic knowledge and skills needed to progress to full membership

The supporting activities include training sessions and regular, organised shoots to help build an understanding of the different areas and meet other members. Social events are another opportunity to learn from established members. These include visits by specialist suppliers and an annual auction which help ensure that new members do not lack appropriate clothing or equipment.

Becoming A Full Member

Prior to the start of the season an introductory evening is held to give new members some insight into the type of equipment and clothing that will be required and how to get the most from their first year of membership. During this introductory evening you will also receive your Member’s pack which includes the Association Rules, harbour maps, quarry identification charts, a suggested reading list and other useful information regarding wildfowling.

The organised flights held during the season provide all new members with an opportunity to meet other members of the Association and perhaps shoot in areas of the harbours that they have not yet visited. Typically these are held as an evening flight during the weekend on a Sunday, meeting at and returning to the Bulls Head in Fisbourne

The social events held throughout the year provide a great opportunity to meet and learn from the many established members. Many of them have been shooting in the Harbour for 30 years or more and have an encyclopaedic knowledge of wildfowling in the area which they are usually  prepared  to share over a pint or two. These are often centred on some aspect of wildfowling such as home loading of cartridges. A charity clay shoot and barbecue is held most years which is a great opportunity to meet members.

As part of their introduction to the club every probationary member is expected to attend three workparty activities. Opportunities are extremely varied and include conservation work around the harbours, helping out at country shows and other such association events