• Wildfowling has been suspended due to the current COVID lockdown situation and is being reviewed as the situation and regulations change.

    • About The CWA

      Wildfowling has been a tradition at Chichester Harbour since time immemorial, the Chichester Wildfowlers carry on this tradition and help care for this remarkable place

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    •  Conservation

      The Association has actively undertaken many projects to preserve the unique habitat that lies within the harbour boundaries.

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    • Wildfowling

      Wildfowling is one of the purest and challenging forms of hunting as truly wild birds are the quarry which have to be sought in their home which can be a challenging environment.

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    Some of the things we’ve done:

    • Organised Flights

      In order to help new, probationary, members learn about wildfowling in Chichester and gain experience of the very different areas available, organised shoots are laid on throughout the season. There are always experienced members to accompany probationers and impart invaluable local knowledge, well some of it anyway! They’re a great opportunity for both new and […]

    • Cleaning up the harbour

      Rubbish in the harbour is unsightly and is a danger to wildlife, we organise work parties to clean up this mess on a regular basis. We go to different areas of the harbour where the need is greatest which is much appreciated by local residents and other visitors alike. It’s not just hard work, it’s […]

    • Gun Dog Training

      Every year during the summer a series of training sessions are held for gun dogs to help with sociability, develop their obedience, and ability to retrieve wildfowl. They’re for varying levels of ability, usually one class for puppies and one for more advanced dogs.  The are held at different locations to add variety and introduce […]

    • Adding Interest To Country Fairs

      The Chichester Wildfowlers Association regularly supports BASC at various fairs such as the South of England show at Ardently and the Sussex County Fair held at Parham Park. The wildfowling area of the stand is always a popular attraction with a wealth of interesting material to browse through. Usually there three or four members on […]