Conservation Work Undertaken in 2018

The pins on the map above show the main locations where conservation work has been carried out by Chichester Wildfowlers in 2018. This included extensive sea wall repairs and clearing up well over 700Kgs of rubbish from the strand line of the Harbour.

Past Projects

Over the years the Chichester Wildfowl’s Association has undertaken many conservation projects in addition to the activities at Fishbourne, here is a representative selection:

FISHBOURNE POND & REED BED Over many years the pond has been kept clear of weed by wildfowlers as well sa the much bigger job of progressively cutting back old growth in the reed bed to improve the habitat.

STANSTED PONDS The Earl of Bessbrough’s estate north of Westbourne. A completed project to restore this copiously over-grown wetland to its former state

PETER POND Adjacent to the northern side of the A259 on the Hampshire/ Sussex border. This pond is noted for a species of South American tubeworm which probably arrived via a boat hull.

ALDSWORTH A seasonal waterbody drying up between September and December for a varying amount of time dependent on the degree of rainfall. A Daily Telegraph Conservation Award winner.

MIDHURST SOUTH POND Cleaning and restoring in conjunction with local residents

COBNOR HORSE POND Existing flight pond, completely restored and reinstated to former glory.

COBNOR NEW POND Completely new pond created by excavation and puddling of clay to form a pond fed by existing land drains. Now an extremely important wetland area.

WEST ASHLING POND Cleaning and restoring in conjunction with local residents.

SINGLETON WEALD AND DOWNLAND MUSEUM Restoration of a neglected pond to its former glory in conjunction with the museum management.

GODALMING TOWN PONDS Conservation advice to local residents, and renovation of reed bed by CWA.

WICK FISHING LAKES Conservation advice and vermin control. In addition, CWAwere used as consultants for developing an ongoing management plan.

CHIDHAM SEAWALL Reinstatement of derelict dry-stone seawall and public footpath in partnership with Chichester Harbour Conservancy

STAKES ISLAND (NUTBOURNE NATURE RESERVE LNR) Raising the shingle island to encourage development of a Little Tern colony, in partnership with Chichester Harbour Conservancy and English Nature.

SLIPPER MILL POND Rebuilding and shoring the banking alongside Slipper Mill Road in conjunction with the Friends of Slipper Mill Pond

APULDRAM SEA WALL Rebuilding the sea wall in partnership with Chichester Harbour Conservancy

WEST ITCHENOR COASTAL PATH Planting a screen of 500+ broad-leaf trees as part of the development of the Chichester Harbour coastal path