Techniques Used

Many skills are needed to be successful as a wildfowler, in particular the fieldcraft required to get near to a wild quarry that frequents inaccessible places. Just getting around on treacherous mud is a challenge as is the retrieval of birds shot which is essential. Most wildfowler’s have an extensive understanding of, and skills, in methods of conservation too. Here are some short videos that explain some of the key techniques that need to be mastered.

  • Gundogs are essential to shooting. This film shows Echo, a Chesapeake Bay retriever and his owner making a difficult retrieve across a flooded channel of the River Dee

  • With the limited range of a shotgun, bringing  wildfowl closer by calling them to you  is critically important; Here’s how duck can be attracted.

  • Calling geese requires a different approach, here’s an explanation of some of the calls Canada Geese make.

  • Much wildfowling takes place on mudflats so being able to safely walk on mud is critically important; this video shows how to do this with a staff

  • When the mud is too deep to walk on unaided, mud patterns are required; here you can see how they are used

  • If you’d wondered how the nest tubes that were set up in Fishbourne pond were made, here’s how.